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Improving Climate Model ENSO Validation with new Climate Pseudo-Proxies
9 October 2014 | Seminar

Oxygen isotope (delta-18O) records from tropical coral skeletons are widely used for reconstructing tropical climate variability, particularly the El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

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The ubiquitous ocean circulation
8 October 2014 | Seminar

Ocean currents are responsible for the long-range transport and dispersal of properties and material, shaping our climate and the environment in general.

Lost in transition: competing discourses and Australia's energy future (PhD exit seminar)
1 October 2014 | Seminar

This thesis critically examines Australia’s efforts to transform its electricity regime along more ecologically sustainable lines.

QSurge: Product Development for Real-time Storm Tide Risk Assessment in Emergency Management, Queensland
23 September 2014 | Seminar

Storm tide presents the greatest risk to life in tropical cyclone (TC) events along the coastline of Queensland.

Decadal to multi-decadal Southern Ocean sea-ice variability, triggered by spurious deep convection events in coupled climate models
17 September 2014 | Seminar

Present day coupled climate models are not able to simulate the observed sea-ice increase over the past decades in the Southern Ocean.

Sensitivities of the carbon cycle to adaptable phytoplankton and its feedback on the climate system
10 September 2014 | Seminar

Reconstructions of the atmospheric CO2 history reveal that less than half of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions remain in the atmosphere.

Sub-mesoscale Circulation in the Southern Ocean
8 September 2014 | Seminar

In this talk, I will present results from the first sub-mesoscale-resolving (1/80°) model of the Kerguelen Plateau Region (Indian sector of the Southern Ocean).

Hillary Scannell
The Ocean Heat Wave Phenomenon and the Climatic Mechanisms at Play
27 August 2014 | Seminar

Heat waves on land are becoming more frequent, intense, and persistent due to human induced climate change, and these large-scale events have had major impacts on human health and economic...

Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change: A Tale from Two Climate Models
21 August 2014 | Seminar

Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change: A Tale from Two Climate Models

De-carbonising for growth: why everyone is wrong about the costs of addressing climate change
29 April 2014 | Public Lecture

We will rapidly de-carbonize the global energy system not because we care sufficiently about the enormous risks flowing from a climate system profoundly modified by human activity but because, in...