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Tim Raupach - The effects of climate change on hailstorms
25 March 2020 | Seminar

Hailstorms cause damage in many regions every year.

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Nathan Bindoff - IPCC Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate: key findings for oceans and polar regions
18 March 2020 | Seminar

In September 2019 the IPCC released its Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC), which assesses physical processes and impacts of climate change on ocean, coastal...

Ryan Springall - Capital Allocation Decision Making in the Face of Extreme Climate
11 March 2020 | Seminar

Everyday, insurance and reinsurance companies and capital markets make decisions on risk and how to allocate capital against the possibility to catastrophic losses.

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Nandini Ramesh - The Predictability of Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability: Insights from Attractor Reconstruction
4 March 2020 | Seminar

The decadal-interdecadal variability of the tropical Pacific region has been shown to have wide-ranging impacts on hydroclimate on multiple continents, the rate of global mean sea surface...

Marilyn Raphael - Modeling the annual cycle of daily Antarctic sea ice extent
28 February 2020 | Seminar

The total Antarctic sea ice extent (SIE) experiences a distinct annual cycle, peaking in September and troughing in March.

Hugh Morrison - Confronting the challenge of modeling cloud and precipitation microphysics
26 February 2020 | Seminar

In the atmosphere, microphysics - the small-scale processes affecting cloud and precipitation particles such as their growth by condensation,...

Michael Mann - Absence of internal multidecadal and interdecadal oscillations in climate model simulations
29 January 2020 | Seminar

For several decades the existence of interdecadal and multidecadal internal climate oscillations has been asserted by numerous studies based on analyses of historical observations, paleoclimatic...

Meet the Professors
Meet the Professors
3 December 2019 |


Hugues Goosse - Ice-ocean interactions in the Southern Ocean and their role in decadal to centennial climate variability
2 December 2019 | Seminar

The ice-ocean interactions control to a large extent the stratification in the Southern Ocean, the formation of deep and intermediate water masses and thus the ocean heat and carbon storage.