Dr Yue Li
Former PhD student
Field of Research: 
Climate science
Contact details:

Yue began her PhD in August 2013, with supervisors Dr. Alex Sen Gupta, Dr. Andréa Taschetto, Dr. Nicolas C. Jourdain (Institut des Géosciences de l'Environnement, France) and Dr. Wenju Cai (CSIRO, Aspendale). Her research focuses on modelling climate variability over the Maritime Continent at a range of time scales spanning diurnal cycle, seasonal climatology and annual cycle. She was particularly interested in the impacts of variation of air-sea interaction on climate over this region. To achieve this goal, she employed an ocean-atmosphere coupled regional model, that is, NEMO-OASIS-WRF (‘NOW’), to investigate the roles of temporal and spatial variability of sea surface temperature in influencing the mean-state and variability of rainfall over the Maritime Continent.

Yue has gained a master’s degree in climate science in June 2013. Her master’s project was to evaluate the Indian-Australian monsoon seasonality and tropospheric biennial oscillation transitions associated with monsoon in observations and CMIP models