Dr Hamish Clarke
Former PhD student
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Dr Hamish Clarke completed his PhD in May 2015 at the Climate Change Research Centre, under the supervision of Prof. Andy Pitman and Assoc. Prof Jason Evans. His PhD thesis was titled 'The impact of climate change on bushfire weather conditions and fuel load".

Since completing his PhD, Dr Clarke has joined the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment as a Research Fellow in March 2016, in a joint position with the University of Wollongong. He is currently working with Dr Matthias Boer (HIE) and Prof. Ross Bradstock (University of Wollongong) on a BNHCRC funded project that examines the effectiveness of prescribed burning in reducing a range of risks across southern Australia.

Dr Clarke previously worked as Senior Climate and Atmospheric Scientist at the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. His research focused on understanding the regional impacts of climate change, particularly on bushfire risk.