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Visit from the Vietnamese Vice President
3 May 2018

The Vietnamese Vice President granted the CCRC a visit on Friday April 27th. The Vice President of Vietnam has a strong interest in the studies of the Global Climate Change and reached out to CCRC with the aim of implementing a...

11 April 2018

A new partnership has been formed between the CCRC and the Faculty of Medicine to investigate and address the health problems associated with a changing climate.

1 April 2018

The global problem of climate change poses the greatest threat to the poorest countries, despite their least contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. 

20 March 2018

The Paris-Agreement commitments by countries around the world to reduce carbon emissions are not...

28 October 2017

Our very own Laurie Menviel was offered one of the extremely competitive UNSW Scientia Fellowships. This is a huge achievement and great news for BEES (and the CCRC).

27 October 2017

See a new map of CCRC alumni destinations. We're quite an international bunch, check it out!

27 October 2017

Does God want us to surf? Is there any difference between a surfer and a drug addict? Did surfers discover relativity before Einstein? Who is the most under appreciated person in surfing? Why did Eddy go? How did Eddy know where to go?

25 September 2017

Have you ever felt hot but wondered whether it was just you? Have you been reading too much climate change news and are afraid you're now biased to think every other day is unusually hot?

Antarctic wave flow web
22 September 2017

Image produced by Stuart Ramsden from NCI’s Vizlab

Jordan byJjulien Lavallee Unsplash
22 September 2017

While temperatures are expected to rise in most regions of the world as a consequence of global warming, the amount by which hot extremes increase shows strong regional differences.