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Kaitlin Naughten - Modelling Antarctic ice shelf, ocean, and sea ice interactions under present-day and future climate scenarios
1 March 2018 | Seminar

Sea level rise is perhaps one of the most troubling implications of climate change, and a key determinant of the magnitude and rate of future sea level rise will be interactions between Antarctic...

Simone Fatichi - Variability in annual precipitation and ecohydrological responses
28 February 2018 | Seminar

Variability in annual precipitation can affect the hydrological cycle and vegetation productivity.

Siwon Song - Convective-environment interaction explored by linear response matrix
21 February 2018 | Seminar

Significant modes of convection-environment interaction are explored by linear response matrices, which link inputs (...

Impact of Atmospheric Blocking on Extremes in South America and the South Atlantic
14 February 2018 | Seminar

Atmospheric blocking over east subtropical South America (SSA) in austral summer can prevent the establishment of the South Atlantic Convergence Zone (SACZ).

Ryo Furue - Impacts of sea-surface salinity in an eddy-resolving semi-global OGCM
31 January 2018 | Seminar

To explore the impacts of sea-surface salinity (SSS) on the interannual variability of upper-ocean state, we compare two 10-year runs of an eddy-resolving ocean general circulation...

Nicola Maher - ENSO change in climate projections: forced response or internal variability?
30 January 2018 | Seminar

There is little consensus in the literature as to how the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) may change under future greenhouse gas warming, with climate models showing a large...

Edward Doddridge - The Southern Ocean response to strengthening westerly winds
11 December 2017 | Seminar

During the 20th century we observed a poleward shift and an increase in strength of the westerly winds over the Southern Ocean, which can be largely attributed to stratospheric...

Fleur Couvreaux - The West African Climate: boundary-layer regimes, onset of convection, clouds and heatwaves
29 November 2017 | Seminar

In this seminar, Fleur will give an overview of the work she has been doing with collaborators on different aspects of the West African Climate using the observations collected...

Casimir de Lavergne - Abyssal ocean overturning shaped by seafloor distribution
22 November 2017 | Seminar

The itinerary of dense waters from the surface high latitudes to the ocean abyss and back to the air-sea interface determines in large part the ocean’s ability to store carbon and heat on...

Dann Mitchell - Avoided heat-related mortality under targeted Paris Agreement scenarios
17 November 2017 | Seminar

The impact of extreme heat events on human health is amongst the most concerning consequences of climate change.