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Dr. Mark Diesendorf - Refuting fake news about renewable energy
1 August 2018 | Seminar

The rapid growth of renewable energy and the plans of some countries, states and municipalities to transition entirely to renewable energy has triggered critiques of transition...

Dr. Haiyan Jin - Long time changes of nutrients and it’s ecological effects in the East China Sea under the stress of anthropogenic activities
25 July 2018 | Seminar

In the East China Sea, Changjiang Diluted Water (CDW) influenced area was characterized as eutrophic area with high anthropogenic nutrients inputs.

Annette Hirsch - Investigating the mitigation potential of land management
11 July 2018 | Seminar

In this talk I will present some of the research highlights from my postdoc in the Land-Climate Dynamics at the IACETH Zurich.

Alejandro Di Luca - Statistical and physical sources of future changes in hot extremes
20 June 2018 | Seminar

Quantifying and understanding future changes in hot extremes has received substantial attention in the last few decades.

Sophie lewis - Understanding Australia’s future temperature extremes
13 June 2018 | Seminar

In recent years, Australia has experienced unprecedented heat, including heatwaves and record-breaking hot days, months, seasons and years.

Helen Fricker - Understanding causes of changes in Antarctica’s ice shelves using 25 years of continuous satellite radar altimetry
12 June 2018 | Seminar

Antarctic ice loss is accelerating and will soon become the largest contributor to sea-level rise.

Melissa Hart - Women in STEM leadership- lessons from Antarctica
23 May 2018 | Seminar

Homeward Bound is a Women in STEM (science, technology,...

Axel Timmermann - Climate-induced migration of early Homo Sapiens
16 May 2018 | Seminar

Our climate system varies on a wide range of timescales, from seasons to several millions of years.

Eithne Tynan - An insider’s view of Nature journals
9 May 2018 | Seminar

In this talk, I will explain the editorial process in Nature journals -- what we look for in a submitted manuscript, how we make decisions, how we choose reviewers -- and the added...

Stephen Griffies - Understanding and projecting global and regional sea level: Reasons to include coastal ocean processes in global climate models
2 May 2018 | Seminar

In this presentation the speaker will survey elements of sea level change, both at the large scale and within the coastal zone.