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Joe Scutt Phillips - The One That Got Away: Tracking Big Fish in a Bigger Ocean
9 November 2018 | Seminar

Tracking the movement of wild animals has been the habit of humans since we first began to exploit their behaviours for the production of our food.

Andreas Oschlies - Loss of fixed nitrogen causes net oxygen gain in a warmer future ocean
2 November 2018 | Seminar

Oceanic anoxic events have been associated with warm climates in Earth history, and there are concerns that current ocean deoxygenation may eventually lead to anoxia.

Dáithí Stone - Making climate detection and attribution scientists redundant
29 October 2018 | Seminar

Over the past couple of decades a large number of studies have diagnosed the contribution of emissions from human activities to observed climate trends, by confronting process-...

Nagin Nazarian - Urban Climate Analysis - Understanding Microscale and Informing Mesoscale
24 October 2018 | Seminar

Global cities are the hubs for technology, culture, and economy, and urbanization is seen as the solution for resource efficiency and financial growth.

Erik van Sebille - Tracking stuff with Lagrangian Ocean Analysis: answers to the ‘why’, and questions on the 'how'
10 October 2018 | Seminar

Lagrangian Ocean analysis, where virtual particle trajectories are computed from OGCM velocity fields, has proven to provide a...

Wojciech W. Grabowski - Invigoration of Deep Convection in Polluted Environments: Myth or Reality?
3 October 2018 | Seminar

Influence of atmospheric pollution on moist convection continues to be a controversial topic.

Yi-Ling Hwong - How should we communicate climate science on social media?
5 September 2018 | Seminar

There is concern that a crisis of trust may be looming between society and scientists, as evidenced by the display of considerable public distrust in issues such as climate change...

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Good evidence, bad politics: Overcoming the noise in climate change and migration policy
23 August 2018 |

Evidence matters. Yet even  before “fake news” became a political weapon, it’s been notoriously difficult to get evidence into the policymaking process.

Dr. Mark Diesendorf - Refuting fake news about renewable energy
1 August 2018 | Seminar

The rapid growth of renewable energy and the plans of some countries, states and municipalities to transition entirely to renewable energy has triggered critiques of transition...

Dr. Haiyan Jin - Long time changes of nutrients and it’s ecological effects in the East China Sea under the stress of anthropogenic activities
25 July 2018 | Seminar

In the East China Sea, Changjiang Diluted Water (CDW) influenced area was characterized as eutrophic area with high anthropogenic nutrients inputs.