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Christian Jakob - Energetic constraints on climate model errors in precipitation 
1 May 2019 | Seminar

Climate models have significant errors in precipitation globally, but in particular in the tropics.

Penny Maher - Is there any evidence of a poleward expansion in the subtropical jet stream in either hemisphere?
1 May 2019 | Seminar

The tropics are expanding poleward at about 1 degree per decade in observations. The Hadley cell edge is one common measure of tropical expansion.

Anna von der Heydt - The past predicts the future - or not? Lessons on climate sensitivity from palaeoclimate
30 April 2019 | Seminar

Climate sensitivity is a key predictor of climate change. However, it is not very well constrained, either by climate models, observational, historical or palaeoclimate data.

Damien Irving - Anthropogenic aerosols, greenhouse gases and the uptake, transport and storage of excess heat in the climate system
17 April 2019 | Seminar

Human activities have substantially altered the radiative properties of the atmosphere, giving rise to a planetary energy imbalance.

Ian Macadam - Introduction to the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes Knowledge Brokerage Team
27 March 2019 | Seminar

Ian Macadam will address the key question “What is a knowledge broker anyway?” and lead a discussion about how the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes could engage with...

Giovanni Liguori - The Role of The Role of Meridional Modes in Pacific Climate Variability and Change Meridional Modes in Pacific Climate Variability and Change
21 March 2019 | Seminar

Decadal changes in Pacific climate affect long-term transitions in marine ecosystems and influence the statistics of weather including ocean and atmosphere extremes such as strong...

Rob Chadwick - Understanding Tropical Precipitation and Atmospheric Circulation Responses to Climate Change
13 March 2019 | Seminar

Future projections of tropical precipitation show large uncertainties at the regional scales relevant to climate change impacts.

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Jiawei Bao - Understanding extreme precipitation and its links with convective organisation
6 March 2019 | Seminar

The response of extreme precipitation to climate change is elusive and evidently does not simply follow Clausius-Clapeyron (CC) scaling.

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Karin Kvale - Marine transitions in warming icehouse and cooling greenhouse worlds
13 February 2019 | Seminar

Greenhouse climates have dominated Earth’s history, which suggests they may be the most stable of the climate states.

Dongliang Yuan - Dynamics of the latest El Niño events and the acceleration of the global warming
7 February 2019 | Seminar

The moored current meter observations in the Maluku Channel of the Indonesian seas suggest that upwelling equatorial Kelvin waves in the spring-summer of 2014 are forced by a...