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Jaci Brown - Adventures in Climate and Agriculture
27 September 2019 | Seminar

A new team - Weather and Climate Decisions Team – has been established in CSIRO Agriculture and Food.

Sujata Murty - Understanding Indo-Pacific oceanic exchange through the Indonesian Throughflow using coral geochemistry and high-resolution ocean models
17 September 2019 | Seminar

The Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) serves as an important oceanic teleconnection for Indo-Pacific climate, altering heat and buoyancy transport from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

Tijian Wang - Study on O3-aerosol-CO2 interaction using RegCM-chem and wrf-chem
11 September 2019 |

O3, aerosol and CO2 are very important species in atmosphere. CO2 is a green-house gas with long life time.

Stefan Rahmstorf - Evidence for a weakening Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation
28 August 2019 | Seminar

Possible changes in Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC), sometimes referred to as the Gulf Stream System, provide a key source of uncertainty regarding future...

Gavin Schmidt - What are climate models good for?
21 August 2019 | Seminar

Observations show clear changes in many aspects of the Earth’s climate - in temperatures, rainfall, sea level, sea ice and glaciers.

Ed Hawkins - Emergence of the climate change signal and sensitivity of historical climate simulations to uncertain aerosol forcing
19 August 2019 | Seminar

The role of anthropogenic aerosol forcing in driving historical climate variations is currently a topic of ongoing scientific debate, owing to large uncertainties in the magnitude of historical...

Gavin Schmidt - Progress and prospects for better climate models (and what does that even mean?)
15 August 2019 | Seminar

Almost every paper* published in climate science claims to present results that will need to be incorporated into climate models to make them 'better'.

Benoit Pasquier - Introducing AIBECS.jl, a Julia package for creating global marine biogeochemistry models
7 August 2019 | Seminar

Running standard global marine biogeochemistry models comes with large computational costs and with a steep learning curve....

Richard Parncutt - Estimating the long-term human cost of climate change
25 July 2019 | Seminar

It is clear that burning fossil fuels is causing future premature deaths, but the relationship has not been investigated quantitatively, due to the large uncertainties involved.