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Chasing bubbles to improve our understanding of atmospheric convection
15 October 2014 | Seminar

The most popular conceptual model for atmospheric convection is the entraining plume. However, this is hard to justify from observations, laboratory experiments or cloud resolving models.

Improving Climate Model ENSO Validation with new Climate Pseudo-Proxies
9 October 2014 | Seminar

Oxygen isotope (delta-18O) records from tropical coral skeletons are widely used for reconstructing tropical climate variability, particularly the El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

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The ubiquitous ocean circulation
8 October 2014 | Seminar

Ocean currents are responsible for the long-range transport and dispersal of properties and material, shaping our climate and the environment in general.

Lost in transition: competing discourses and Australia's energy future (PhD exit seminar)
1 October 2014 | Seminar

This thesis critically examines Australia’s efforts to transform its electricity regime along more ecologically sustainable lines.

QSurge: Product Development for Real-time Storm Tide Risk Assessment in Emergency Management, Queensland
23 September 2014 | Seminar

Storm tide presents the greatest risk to life in tropical cyclone (TC) events along the coastline of Queensland.

Decadal to multi-decadal Southern Ocean sea-ice variability, triggered by spurious deep convection events in coupled climate models
17 September 2014 | Seminar

Present day coupled climate models are not able to simulate the observed sea-ice increase over the past decades in the Southern Ocean.

Sensitivities of the carbon cycle to adaptable phytoplankton and its feedback on the climate system
10 September 2014 | Seminar

Reconstructions of the atmospheric CO2 history reveal that less than half of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions remain in the atmosphere.

Sub-mesoscale Circulation in the Southern Ocean
8 September 2014 | Seminar

In this talk, I will present results from the first sub-mesoscale-resolving (1/80°) model of the Kerguelen Plateau Region (Indian sector of the Southern Ocean).

Hillary Scannell
The Ocean Heat Wave Phenomenon and the Climatic Mechanisms at Play
27 August 2014 | Seminar

Heat waves on land are becoming more frequent, intense, and persistent due to human induced climate change, and these large-scale events have had major impacts on human health and economic...

Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change: A Tale from Two Climate Models
21 August 2014 | Seminar

Atmospheric Composition and Climate Change: A Tale from Two Climate Models