Jaci Brown - Adventures in Climate and Agriculture

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27 September 2019
2.00pm - 3.00pm

Climate Change Research Centre, Seminar Room, Mathews Building 4th floor, UNSW, Sydney

Dr. Jaci Brown
CSIRO Australia
Climate Change Research Centre

A new team - Weather and Climate Decisions Team – has been established in CSIRO Agriculture and Food. We would like to share some of our research results, details of our on-going projects, and our new business model approaches with AgTech companies. We work across a range of disciplines including grains, cotton, horticulture, sugar, GBR and rangeland grazing. Using climate forecast models in agricultural models (as opposed to statistical forecasts) is quite new and there are many exciting new areas to explore. Our projects range from traditional research resulting in journal papers, to developing on-farm apps or partnering with AgTech companies providing data feeds on a fee for service basis. Our work is strongly influenced by social science and user experience research to ensure the information we provide is truly actionable knowledge.

We have also been contributing to the development of a central climate data platform within CSIRO. The platform contains purchased climate data with details of commercialisation rights reducing the number of projects storing or paying for the same data. The platform is also open for external parties to purchase API feeds.

We would like to hear more about how we can collaborate with other research institutes.

 Brief Biography:Jaci Brown is a principal research scientist in A&F leading a team called Weather and Climate Decisions. The team aims to deliver the best in weather and climate forecasts to the people that need it for decision making in Agriculture. Jaci began her research career as an undergraduate and PhD student at UNSW in Mathematics and Oceanography. She was a postdoc at Yale University exploring the energetics of ENSO. Jaci returned to Australia to work in Oceans and Atmosphere at CSIRO, and three years ago transferred to the Agriculture and Food Business Unit.