Hugues Goosse - Ice-ocean interactions in the Southern Ocean and their role in decadal to centennial climate variability

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2 December 2019
10:30am - 11:30am

Climate Change Research Centre, Seminar Room, Mathews Building 4th floor, UNSW, Sydney

Dr. Hugues Goosse
Earth and Life Institute, Université de Louvain, Belgium
Climate Change Research Centre

The ice-ocean interactions control to a large extent the stratification in the Southern Ocean, the formation of deep and intermediate water masses and thus the ocean heat and carbon storage. Consequently, they have a large influence on the mean state of the system and its variability on a wide range of timescales. The focus of the talk will be first on the influence of various feedbacks between sea-ice and ocean and of the freshwater input from ice shelves on trends over the last decades in the Southern Ocean. Secondly, we will investigate the variability on decadal to centennial time scales and the potential role of heat storage and release from the Southern Ocean.

Brief Biography: Hugues Goosse is a research director at the Fonds National de la Recherche Scientifique (F.R.S.-FNRS-Belgium) and a professor at the Université de Louvain in Belgium where he teaches climate related topics. His research is devoted to the development of climate models, model-data comparison and the application of models to study past, current and future climate change, analyzing both natural variability and the response to human-induced perturbations. More specifically, his recent work is focused on sea-ice-ocean-atmosphere interactions in the Southern Ocean, decadal to centennial climate variations over the past millennium and data assimilation using ensemble methods in climate models.