Ms Mia Gross
PhD student
Field of Research: 
Climate Extremes
Contact details:

Supervisors: Lisa Alexander, Markus Donat, Steven Sherwood

Mia is interested in climate extremes and their associated impacts on human health. She completed her honours year at the Climate Change Research Centre in June 2015, which focused on projecting health-relevant heatwave metrics for NSW and the ACT. Mia started a PhD in August 2015, which will focus on changes in the distribution of the average global temperature with respect to temperature extremes. This will include an evaluation of both observational and climate model datasets. The research is largely motivated by the health outcomes that can arise from changes in temperature extremes as a result of climate change. Before joining the CCRC in June 2014, Mia completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Climate Science, at Macquarie University.