Dr Siwon Song
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Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Field of Research: 
Meteorology & Physical Oceanography
Contact details:
02 9385 9766

Siwon completed Ph.D. in Meteorology and physical Oceanography at University of Miami and started working with Dr. Steven Sherwood at CCRC, UNSW in 2018.
Siwon is interested in convection-environment interaction in the large-scale framework, especially the process of organizing clouds to form mesoscale convective systems (MCSs). Because of complex feedback between convection and large-scale dynamics, she approaches it with linearity. Based on the concept of linear response function by Kuang (2010) and comparison with convective scheme in a single column model, she plans to examine causality between convective tendencies and interesting environmental conditions, i.e., density current, microstate memories, etc. She is also interested in analyzing high-resolution global data to examine the realistic relationship between convective tendencies and the large-scale variables.