Dr James Goldie
Former PhD student
Field of Research: 
Climate and Health
Contact details:

James is a climate researcher and data scientist with a focus on visualising climate change.

As a researcher, James's expertise is in the health impacts of climate change: he completed a PhD with the Climate Change Research Centre in 2019 on heat stress in Australian cities. His research asks questions about the ways we identify dangerously hot days and how the risks of heat stress will change in the future.

James now works as a Knowledge Broker for the Monash Climate Change Communicaton Research Hub and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Climate Extremes, where he helps climate researchers make their work more available and useful to everyone. Bringing a broad and unusual mix of research, communication and data skills to his role, James has a particular passion for data visualisation and loves finding novel way to show changes in the Earth system. Some of his recent projects include Is it Hot Right Now?Explore Climdex and the collateral package for R. He's also a regular at hackathons and other data science events.

James also holds a Master of Business (Science & Technology) and has some experience as a freelance animator. For more information on his work, see James's website.