Associate Professor Alex Sen Gupta
Associate Professor
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+61 2 9385 8951

I am a senior lecturer at the Climate Change Research Centre. My research revolves around the role of the ocean in the climate system, how the ocean influences regional climate, the influence of ocean change on biological systems and what global climate models tell us about the future of the ocean. Recently I have been using climate models to understand changes to the Tropical Pacific and Southern Oceans in a warming world. In particular, can we trust these models and what can they reliably tell us about the future.
Some of my projects have looked at:

  • how tropical ocean circulation is likely to change in the future
  • abrupt and erratic migration of marine species as ocean temperatures increase
  • causes of warming ‘Hiatus’ periods
  • the effect of climate change on Tropical Fisheries
  • problems in climate models and how to address them
  • how the Indian Ocean can tell us about El Nino and La Nina over a year before they occur
  • the spread of invasive jellyfish
  • the causes of Australia's worst droughts

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